Different Kinds of African Braids That Will Look Perfect on You


Regardless of the color of your skin, African braids will look good on you. They don’t just look gorgeous, they will make you forget about hair styling for months. Besides, with those kinds of African hairstyles, you will attract admiration and smiles. No matter the season, your mood, or the occasion, you have to find an experienced African hair stylist if you want a hairdo that will last. Here are a few awesome options for you:

  • Box braids. If you want to go back to the 90s, this is the perfect solution for you. These three-strand twists will make you look and feel marvelous. No matter your age, profession, or social status, this sort of hairdo is something you will definitely want to splurge with.

  • Faux locs. This is another popular African braid hairstyle that will make you look unique. Actually, many Hollywood stars prefer it. Your real hair or extensions can be used.

  • Marley twists. This is another style you will love. Black women with their natural long thick hair just need to make two-strand twists. It may use synthetic hair too. These twists are also known as ”Havana twists”.

  • Cornrows. These braids are created behind your scalp. They are usually preferred by the most teenagers as they will make you look sweet. With this kind of style, you can be creative and ask your stylist to make the cornrows right behind your head or sideways.

  • Nubian braids. They will look cool on you if you have short hair. They are so springy and flexible that when you walk, you feel like they are flying.

  • Yarn. In this kind of hairdo, more synthetic hair or yarn is used. This is why¬†this awesome style has great volume and bulk. As you can imagine, you can experiment with different colors of yarn.

  • Braids with accessories. Who says that modern twists look great on long hair only? Ask your hairdresser about this sort of style that will give you a funky appearance. You may get inspired and use various accessories.


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