More about Our Hair Braiding and Styling Services

 Rama Elegance African Hair Braiding is a hair salon where you can benefit from many great braiding and styling services. The salon is in New York, NY and we are currently offering a wide range of services to the people in the local area. We do hair braiding and styling on kids, men, and women of all ages, which is why so many people choose us. However, since not everyone knows what we can do, we have decided to share some more information on here.

Braiding – Looking for an experienced hair braider who is able to create any style you desire? If so, look no further than us because at our salon work skilled and well-trained professionals who can create even the most difficult braid styles. Each African hair braider in our salon can help you choose a style that will complement the shape of your face and your facial features. We will also give you tips on how to keep the braids looking good for longer.

Hair Weaving – Want to have a longer and thicker hair? If this is the case, this is the service you need. We can put in as much hair weaves as you want so you can get any hairstyle you desire. This is a great method to make your hair look better without using medications and all kinds of treatments that may have bad side effects.

Hair Styling – Need to get your hair styled for a special event? Whenever you need the help of a reliable hair stylist, you should not look any further than us. All the stylists in our salon are able to create different hair styles and help you choose one that will complement your outfit and will complete the look you are going for.


So, if you want to get crochet braids, kinky twists, Senegalese twists, boxer braids, or any other hair style, you should come to Rama Elegance African Hair Braiding in New York, NY. For appointments and more information about the different services we offer, give us a call at (212) 558-9497!