Dying braided hair will have several effects, and not all of them are desired or positive. Although there are some things which need to be considered, removing your hair braids before dying your hair is advisable.

Patchy Color

Hair dye does affect any exposed surface of braids, more so than the interior of every plait. Even the coloring looks solid whilst your hair is still in braids, once they are released, the color is marbled with your natural color.


Permanent Color

Permanent color has to be first neutralized through rinsing and shampooing, if not, it will carry on processing your hair. It is hard to make sure if all the color is removed from the inside the braid, and the inside strands could get damaged. Chemical burns on the scalp could also happen, especially with cornrow and French braid styles.


Temporary Color

Temporary color is less damaging as there are no chemical reactions. The longer temporary color is allowed to stay on the hair, the longer the effect lasts. This does exacerbate the mottled effect should your braids be removed before the color is washed away completely.


Braided Extensions

Should your braids be made with extensions, the extension will be affected by the new color. Human hair extensions which were previously colored may not soak in the new color in the same way as natural hair does. Synthetic extensions are not affected by the color, although the chemical process could degrade the strands. Should you want to color your braid extensions, it is recommended you go to your local braids salon and let them do it for you.



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