Braiding Tips And Advice


Conditioning your hair before braiding should always be done. Hair has to be strong and healthy, or the braids may cause breakage. Braids should never be done too tight as to create pain, as this could lead to balding and breakage, especially on the forehead, neck, and temples. Having your hair braided in a professional hair braiding studio should never be thought of as painful. Newly permed, dyed or relaxed hair also should never be braided due to the fact it will be more prone to breakage. Should your hair be healthy, the extensions can be added to the braids to create a thicker, longer appearance.


Products for Braiding

Many choices exist for applying hair extensions to hair which is braided. Real hair extensions keep more moisture and look better than synthetic ones. While real hair extensions are light, they don’t last as long as synthetic ones. Synthetic extensions are cheaper than real hair, however, could irritate the scalp because of the alkaline treatment process. Synthetic hair needs to be washed in vinegar and water before braiding.


People Who Need To Avoid Braids?


People that have brittle or damaged hair are not recommended for braids. Braids with extensions can break hair which is already damaged, and in some cases cause balding. People that wear braids regularly need to take breaks between each braiding sessionĀ and inspect their scalp for balding or breakage.


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